It’s not a new movie with Keanu Reeves and we won’t ask you to take a blue or red pill. Simply put, Matrix Reimprinting is a technique that connects people with their past traumas and core beliefs and elegantly enables them to transform them into supportive platforms for their lives. Whereas EFT is like watching a movie, matrix reimprinting is like being in a play. The power of our belief systems is undoubtable. Our beliefs shape our thoughts, provide fuel for our emotional reactions and shape our reality.
If we can change our beliefs, well, we can change anything!
Think about the placebo effect in science. The power of a ‘fake’ sugar pill has been proved thousands of times. It is our belief in the placebo that enables us to heal ourselves.
Healthy? Weak? Is the world a safe or dangerous place? Our beliefs are the glasses of which we view life through. We have thousands of them which we hold in our subconscious mind. Many will be supportive, but we will also have formed beliefs from past events in our lives that can create a whole host of problems.
Meet Sarah who desperately wants a new romantic relationship in her life. She is doing daily affirmations, reading all the self-help books she can get her hands on and is taking inspired action such as joining dating sites, and going on blind dates.
In her subconscious mind there are a whole host of beliefs about men and relationships: It’s not safe to be loved, they will hurt me again, I’m not good enough to be loved for who I am, they will leave just like Dad.
Sarah formed these beliefs from past learning experiences and traumas and because they are held in her subconscious mind they are running in the background of all the decisions she makes.
You have two minds. The conscious mind is the one that is conscious of itself, the one we make our New Year goals with, it holds our wishes and desires, it’s creative and not time-dependent.
The subconscious on the other hand contains all the programmes of everything you’ve ever learnt; from brushing your teeth, walking, making a phone call to the programmes of whether it feels safe to be in a romantic relationship, or if a certain animal has a reaction attached to it (phobia). Will power alone does not change these programmes and beliefs. A traumatic event is live in the subconscious.
Science now proves that our subconscious mind is 95% more powerful than the conscious mind.
Matrix Reimprinting is a bridge between the two minds and has helped thousands of people find the root causes of old patterns and beliefs by reimprinting events that are stored in their subconscious.
The word reimprint comes from the psychological term ‘imprinting’ which is when a child imprints a situation or learning into their memory which then goes on to create a belief.
I’m sure you can think of a time when you imprinted something into your mind…an argument, a special trip, a moment of clarity as a child. You can reimprint past events and beliefs so that they no longer cause a current day reaction. Like Sarah who was so desperate for a romantic relationship, yet when she worked with her practitioner in the Matrix and connected with her younger self (her ECHO) she discovered that she was incredibly sad after her father leaving when she was six.
Sarah communicated with her ECHO and released the trauma from the event using the energy technique, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and was able to help her feel loved, complete with the knowledge that none of it was her fault. In effect, she reimprinted that memory.
After coming out of the Matrix, Sarah realised she had been holding on to all that pain for most of her life and created a belief that any man who she loved would leave. Sarah was able to connect the dots and past events to her current life situation.
From this point Sarah was now conscious of that subconscious programme and could see it in action. She also took time to reimprint past resentments and hurts so that she felt truly ready to meet Mr Right – and she did, only 3 months after that session and is now happily married with her soulmate.
Think of your subconscious mind like Google. When you are reminded of a past event or a belief system is prevalent it is due to the past events that are stored there. It’s long been known that we form beliefs and patterns through past traumas. This is nothing new in the world of psychotherapy; that we are a product of our past learnings and the events we have lived through.
If you want to rewire a certain behaviour or belief then by changing the pictures and what your Google mind brings up in a search, you will have a different reaction in the current day.
Let’s break it down. In 1950, Max Planck the Grandfather of Quantum Theory and Einstein’s predecessor announced that there is an invisible matrix of energy that connects us all. We already know that matter is not solid but everything is made from vibrating atoms, but Planck took it one step further and informed the world that we are, all connected.
Fast forward 60 years and you’ll hear this message of connection and oneness across the globe.
All layers or fields of the Matrix interconnect with each other. You have your personal matrix which holds all the information about you, this then stretches out into the family, the cultural and the universal.
Think about your legs. In the universal human field there is the information about how legs are made, how they work, which muscles are needed for walking and running – this is the same across the world. Then move this idea into the cultural, what does your culture say about a women or man’s legs? How are they viewed sexually?
Then into the family fields, where there may be some beliefs about ‘strong’ or ‘good’ legs in the family.
Finally down to the personal. Are they any beliefs or events you have about your legs? What if you’d had a car accident and had some scarrring on one or there is a history of knee replacements in your family…how would you feel about your legs then?
These layers of information are held in the different layers of the matrix and when we get to the personal, we can see that the memories we hold are stored in our subconscious mind.
We’ve discussed how our memories are stored in our subconscious mind, but where is our subconscious mind stored? We believe that your subconscious mind isn’t kept in your brain, it is outside of your physical body, it’s part of your personal field and therefore is part of each layer above it, reaching out to the universal matrix, which connects us all.
Your subconscious mind is part of the matrix When you work in the matrix, you are working in your subconscious. And remember that it is connected to everyone else’s subconscious too. You are working in the field. It is a different dimension.
It holds all selves, past, present and future selves – they are waiting there for you to come and help them. Just like that little ECHO of Sarah who was feeling all the pain from her father leaving, with matrix reimprinting you are able to go in and help that younger part of yourself and free them from the pain and trauma they are stuck in. Remember the subconscious mind is not time dependent so it is running like a current event – no wonder it can trigger us in the current day.
You know you are an energy system and therefore you will be giving off a vibration. This can be a vibration of joy, love, abundance or perhaps more like fear, powerlessness or even boredom. Your vibration is what you are emitting to the universe and just like a magnet this is what you will be attracting back into your reality. This is the law of attraction.
Over the last decade there have been a plethora of self-help books and gurus stepping forward and claiming that they can show you how to truly invoke the Law of Attraction, but you are the only person who can do this. How? You must find out what is in your vibrational frequency, your belief system to see what you are attracting, and to do this, you need to find out what is in your database of stored programmes and beliefs, these emotional memories in your uber powerful mind – the subconscious.
Matrix Reimprinting finds those beliefs and elegantly evolves them to create a platform in your life. The only similarity between the Keanu Reeve’s Matrix and Matrix Reimprinting is that once you’ve woken up to it, there is no going back.
Isn’t it time you tried it for yourself?