One to One Transformation
Sessions Guidelines

I am really looking forward to connecting with you during your coaching and therapy sessions.

You would have already received and filled in your intake form and have completed or booked an initial consultation with me.

Workshop Offered

Here are some points that might support you in preparation for your session:

Most of our practitioners and coaches are certified in:
I choose the method that best suits your situation as i would like to customise each session as per the requirements of my Client.
If you would like to specify a particular technique that you want to focus on you can let me know.

During sessions we may use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).
It is a technique which is clinically proven to lower anxiety, stress, physical tension, cravings, negativity, traumatic past events, fears and phobias creating health, vitality and confidence.
Side of the Hand Tapping Point

I might refer to the tapping points in this picture

Optional Finger tapping points
You understand our sessions are not a replacement for medical or mental health diagnosis and treatment. If you feel you need medical or mental health support, then please do seek this out independently. You also understand that the sessions are focussed on emotional therapy and are not a treatment for medical and mental health conditions. You also declare that you are physically and mentally able to participate in the sessions and take full ownership of your own physical and mental health. Please note that the benefits mentioned, arising out of the session are merely indicative in nature, and not exhaustive. In the field of therapy, coaching and healing the results can vary from person to person and we cannot guarantee specific outcomes. While many experience benefits that meet or exceed expectations, in the event you do not experience any benefit, Nisrin Porbandarwala shall not be held liable for the same.
You as well as our Practitioners agree to keep the session and any oral or written information in connection with the preparation and performance this session Confidential. The confidentiality shall last till perpetuity and you shall not disclose any relevant information, to any third parties.
Record Taking Consent
You also understand that your sessions might be recorded as notes, an audio or video and that you have given your consent. For those who are case studies your notes and or video/audio will be submitted for review by the Trainer and kept completely confidential and in a safe and secure place.
Informed Consent
You also provide informed consent for consultation calls, therapeutic sessions and or coaching in EFT, Coaching, NLP, The Journey & Hypnosis. Your Practitioner or Coach might be trained in other modalities or work intuitively, please agree the approach you want directly with your Coach and or Practitioner You understand that even if there is clinical evidence and case reports for these techniques that each case is different and the results may vary. You also understand that these modalities have not been documented to have side effects.
Data Information and Privacy
Please note all sessions and information you share as part of the sessions are private and confidential. Your personal information will be stored on file in a safe and secure place. Our practices are compliant with local laws and regulations and for more information on the same, we request you to refer to our Privacy Policy and Data Protection Declaration.
You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Reprogram and its directors, officers, employees, agents, consultants, volunteers, subsidiaries, parents, successors, contractors, affiliates, and others associated with us from any and all liability, or claims of liability, resulting from Practitioner’s actions or alleged actions.
Dispute Resolution
In case of any dispute, we shall amicably settle such disputes between each other. However, in case any such act/omission done which may be seen as an attempt to disrupt the process and decorum per se of the sessions then appropriate legal measures shall be taken.