I really appreciate Nisrin working with me during my bereavement. After the sudden loss of my husband in 2016, on the one hand, my life had come to an absolute standstill. On the other hand, I felt I wouldn’t be able to handle the many new challenges ahead, e.g. loneliness and taking over his business. I believed that grief and trauma would colour my perception and I wouldn’t be as successful.
She helped me look at life squarely in the eye & regain confidence as well as, equilibrium. Many gratitudes to her efforts.

Testimonial for EFT
I was applying to immigrate to Canada, when I was required to give an English test know as IELTS (International English Language testing System). I was very confident that I could score well since I had studies in English all my life. But I was wrong and during my exam I got distracted, anxious and ended up ruining my exams. The same story repeated the second time around, my anxiety increased to a point where my hands used to freeze just by thinking about the exams. Its at this moment that I was suggested by Mrs. Porbanderwala to do EFT, she was pretty confident that I would feel better after a few sessions, so I decided to give it a shot. I was quite surprised that my anxiety almost vanished in just 2 sessions. The outcome was very evident from my results and I could achieve my targeted score. Mrs Nisreen Porbanderwala was very Calm, patient as well as determined, I believe those are the key for a successful session. Thank you so much I really appreciate all the help to make my dream come true.

Warm Regards,

Nisrin was a candle who lit my lamp in darkness….I was totally shattered and could not see a path to move ahead…But she justified my every query In both dini as well in a practical way……So I was able to overcome my guilt as well and today I feel very confident as I gained it back that which I had lost……As we woman are of different character, And we have some bitter experiences in life……But then God find ways by sending a counsellor and coach like you
God bless you …..And may you help many more women like me…..It may just be a healing process for her But she changes life For sure


Nisrin was amazing with her sessions. She intuitively guided me to the very root of my issues. She magically helped me clear my issues. I would definitely recommend her to everyone

Hi Nisrin, thank you so much for the sessions. The discomfort and disturbance I felt got released just in one session and I feel so much relieved. You are an amazing coach. ???

I had a session with Nisrin which was very good. She was present for me all of the time and her gentle way of taking me deeper felt very safe and supportive to me.
My issue has not resolved and yet the way i see it now has changed.