Victim to Survivor

“I’m a survivor – a living example of what people can go through and survive.”
- Elizabeth Taylor
Many people have asked me that after one mistake how did you have the guts to go in for another marriage and then another and so on and so forth…. it never ever occurred to me that the next may also be bad or worse…. I guess I’m a very optimistic person or maybe I’m very naive… who knows!!!

I always believed in my heart that the next would be better and when it didn’t turn out that way it never disheartened me…. I wonder what mind frame did I have …. what was I thinking …. why didn’t it ever occur to me that things could go wrong this time around too…

Am I too idealistic??? Or am I a gullible fool, or could I be so innocent that I could not see anything bad ever in anyone… I always wondered am I a fool or am I just merely too innocent???
In NLP they say if you spot it you have it… I never did find anything bad or wrong with people… I always took people at face value … I don’t know if I did right or not…. people always say we haven’t done bad to people then nothing bad can happen to us…. I have literally lived that.
Everyone thinks they are good and I truly believe that to be true…. I am looking for validation from people to tell me that I’m good too… and deep down I do know that I’m a good person just like everyone else… I believe I’m good
Everything that we do and experience has its basis in our belief system…. if we believe something then we will have it; be it….
It took a lot of courage on my part to first acknowledge that there was an issue… like everyone else I was only thinking this is the way things would be and secretly hoped that I would find a magic wand that would make my life different from it was at that time.., that the issues would somehow just stop existing and life would suddenly somehow do a complete turnaround.

And actually that is what happened… I found my magic wand – my secret weapon that would turn my life around (as it happened with me – a complete turnaround)….

From abandoned to complete support; from victim to survivor This has been my journey.

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