28 Days Transformative Training

Based of the bestselling book ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne

You are invited to take a 28 Day journey of Gratitude on WhatsApp, to manifest an abundant life,
and to have the Health, Relationships and Wealth that you desire.

Starting 14th January, 2022

If you have answered yes to even 1 question

Here’s your chance to completely change the way you manifest and transform your Life for good!

If you have answered yes to even 1 question

The Course Content:

All You Need Is To Show Up For Yourself
For Just 15 Minutes Each Day

The Full Value of the Training is INR 49000 or USD 649
The Special Offer price is INR 30000 or USD 397
The Early Bird Offer pricing is INR 15000 or USD 199
The Value Pricing for all the 28 days of training is

INR 777 or USD 10.99

If You Sign up before 28th December, You get all 28 days of training plus the bonus training for just INR 555 or USD 7.39